Julie Thomas
For County Commissioner

Tested. Trusted. A demonstrated commitment to Monroe County.

Julie’s Commitment

There are a number of important projects – past, present and future – that I addressed as a member of the Monroe County Board of Commissioners. Our work focuses on providing the day-to-day administrative, executive, and legislative leadership that county residents require. It’s not always glamorous, but it is always interesting! It requires considerable time, attention to detail, and ongoing collaboration with residents, elected officials, employees, and community stakeholders. It also requires consideration of the limited budgets we face every year. I enjoy the role of public servant for residents of Monroe County and look forward to continuing my service to you. – Julie

Community Engagement

As a County Commissioner, Julie believes it is important to continue to incorporate the voices of residents into their Monroe County government. The Fullerton Pike project, ARPA funding, the County Development Ordinance, and the Health Equity Council all include extensive community input and participation. The Commissioners also host virtual office hours throughout the month for any resident to attend. The development of the new jail complex requires collaboration and input from residents, community stakeholders, elected officials, and staff. Julie and the Commissioners have the experience to bring these entities together, solicit ideas, and find the best solutions possible within the confines of an ever-changing budget.

Environmental Advocate

Protecting our environment continues to be at the forefront of Julie’s efforts. She plays a pivotal role in the fight against the National Forest Service and its plans to burn and clearcut thousands of acres of forested land adjoining Lake Monroe. In addition to silt and sedimentation pollution, the use of herbicides is planned. All of this can and will negatively impact the drinking water source for our county. The fight to keep Lake Monroe viable reflects Julie’s focus on environmental resiliency -protecting our homes and businesses while taxpayer money. Investing in trails, expanding our solar array, and changing much of our fleet to electric and hybrid-electric vehicles are part of this effort.